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Inspired by the urge to do something apart from his gritty-alt rock band Smash Boom Pow, Zane Coppard’s 1000 Petal Lotus project leans heavily on multi-artist collaborations as well as experimentation with sound. The project is dedicated to creating synergy through sourcing unlike samples, melodies and rhythms to create something bold and powerful. The 1000 petals of a lotus translate to all the ways that experience can be interpreted. Keeping perspective and potential the core values of the project, the outcome is something unpredictable that cannot be limited to any one genre. 

The name 1000 petalled lotus is the spiritual term for what is said to be the most subtle energy in our body, relating to pure consciousness, and it is from this energy that all others emanate. This stage is said to bring about rebirth and occult powers of transforming into the divine.

"1000 Petal Lotus is a project dedicated to creating synergy. Dedicated to the notion that together we can create something greater than each individual. That together we can help each other move forward through comradery and bring the art form(s) we obsess over to a new level. Music is the most powerful and influential device I have access to and through that I can bring meaning into my world.  

I invite you to be a part." - Zane Coppard